Smart Seo

Smart Seo

The most important condition for writing SEO compatible articles or preparing SEO compatible content is quality and originality. In order to bring meaningful and long-term results, SEO compatible content should not only comply with SEO criteria that distract the reader, but should not be an annoying content with a pile of keywords in total. Tools like Seo tools will help you in this process.

The number of people and writers who think that this is SEO-compatible content has increased, as newspaper sites gain clicks with these strange articles that are prepared quickly. But the main reasons why those articles stand out is that there is no better article on that subject and that the newspaper site has high Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) values. Even if you gain traffic to another website with strange articles, you will weaken the reputation of the institution. You can check the originality of your articles with Plagiarism checker.

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