Dental Treatment İstanbul

Dental Treatment İstanbul

Dental treatment Istanbul is one of the health problems faced by many people today and is of great importance both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Dental health is an integral part of general health, and therefore dental problems are among the conditions that need to be diagnosed and treated at an early stage. Dental treatment covers a wide range from repairing caries to treating gum diseases, from replacing missing teeth to aesthetic interventions. These treatments help maintain a healthy oral structure, directly affecting the quality of life of individuals.

Before starting dental treatment, a detailed examination is performed by the dentist. During this examination, the general condition of the teeth and gums is evaluated and x-rays are taken if necessary. In this way, various conditions such as tooth decay, gum diseases, and jaw structure problems are examined in detail. Then, a treatment plan is prepared according to the patient’s needs. This plan includes the duration of treatment, methods to be applied and treatment costs. Patients are informed in detail about the treatment plan and are enabled to actively participate in the treatment process. Choose us for Hollywood smile Istanbul.

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