Brake Switch

Brake Switch

The function of the brake switch, also known as the brake sensor, brake switch, brake light switch, is to detect when the brake is applied. When the driver applies the brake, the brake switch contacts are closed and the electronic control unit is signaled that the brake is applied. They are switches in the form of spring switches located at the top of the brake pedal mechanism. BPP Sensor: Brake Pedal Position Sensor: Brake pedal position sensor. In some vehicles, they can be found in the form of two separate switches.

What does the brake switch do? How does it work?

The brake pedal switch (brake pedal switch) is a spring-loaded two-position electric switch. There are two operating states, ON or OFF, which generates a signal that the pedal is depressed or the pedal is not depressed. The signal of the switch is transmitted to the ECU.

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