A bill with $14 billion for Israel’s war in Gaza passes the Senate but may falter in the House.

A $95 billion foreign aid package passed by the Senate on Tuesday morning includes $14.1 billion for Israel’s war against Hamas, though the bill still faces uncertainty in the House.

The $95 billion legislation also sets aside almost $10 billion for humanitarian aid for civilians in conflict zones around the world, including Palestinians in Gaza.

President Biden has recently escalated his criticism of Israel’s campaign against Hamas, calling it “over the top.” Aid to Israel has also faced opposition from some Democrats, who have expressed alarm at the death toll in Gaza, which the territory’s health ministry says has passed 28,000, most of those women and children.

Mr. Biden has nonetheless continued to press for military support for the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In October, he requested the foreign aid package, including the $14 billion for Israel’s war effort.

Much of the debate on the measure has focused on the much bigger sum earmarked for Ukraine. Many Republicans oppose sending more money to the government in Kyiv, while others want to prioritize an immigration crackdown at the U.S. border with Mexico.

Speaker Mike Johnson has suggested that he has no intention of bringing up the bill in the House, where the majority of Republicans have opposed more aid for Ukraine.

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