R.F.K. Jr. Is Expected to Name Nicole Shanahan as His Running Mate

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is expected to announce on Tuesday that Nicole Shanahan, a Silicon Valley lawyer, investor and political neophyte, will be his running mate in his independent presidential bid, according to two people close to the campaign.

The formal announcement, set to take place in Oakland, Calif., ends a wide-ranging and eclectic search for a vice-presidential nominee. Even in the past few weeks, it had evolved as Mr. Kennedy and his advisers spoke with more than half a dozen prospective candidates.

A spokeswoman for Mr. Kennedy’s campaign declined to comment. Mr. Kennedy and Ms. Shanahan did not respond to requests for comment on Monday evening.

Ms. Shanahan, 38, was a late-breaking favorite in Mr. Kennedy’s search, according to the two people close to the campaign, though she has been publicly associated with his candidacy since she helped pay for a Super Bowl ad in support of him.

This month, The New York Times reported that Aaron Rodgers, the N.F.L. quarterback, and Jesse Ventura, the former Minnesota governor and onetime professional wrestler, were at the top of Mr. Kennedy’s list.

Mr. Kennedy confirmed those names in an interview at the time, adding that he had been in discussions with several others, including Scott Brown, the Republican former senator from Massachusetts; Tricia Lindsay, a lawyer who has fought vaccine mandates; and Tulsi Gabbard, the former congresswoman from Hawaii and presidential candidate who left the Democratic Party to become an independent.

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