House Republicans Target Biden by Focusing on His Son’s News Conference

House Republicans said Wednesday they were investigating whether President Biden was involved in his son Hunter Biden’s decision to defy a congressional subpoena in their latest attempt to link the White House to accusations against the president’s son.

The chairmen of the Oversight and Judiciary Committees wrote a letter to Ed Siskel, the White House counsel, demanding all documents and communications between the president’s office and Hunter Biden, his legal team and Kevin Morris, a wealthy Hollywood lawyer who is friends with the president’s son.

At issue are the events of Dec. 13 when Hunter Biden appeared on Capitol Hill, but not to sit for a closed-door deposition as Republicans demanded. Instead, he held a news conference to denounce the Republicans’ investigation into him and his father, and insisted on testifying only in public, suggesting Republicans would twist his words with selective leaks.

The younger Mr. Biden is under federal indictment and facing accusations of tax crimes related to his overseas business interests, including with companies and partners in Ukraine and China. At the news conference, he acknowledged his personal failings, described in scandalous detail in the indictment, but said they had nothing to do with his father.

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