We’re Suddenly Living in a ‘My Wife Did It’ Moment

Gail Collins: Gee Bret, our first presidential debate — coming soon! Next month, in fact.

Bret Stephens: If President Biden gets through the debate without committing a gaffe, he’ll surpass expectations. If Donald Trump gets through it without committing a felony, he’ll surpass expectations.

Gail: Was sorta hoping for a little more down time to mull important issues like the gold bars found in the home of Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey. Or hey, even the dead worm in Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s brain.

Think we’ve got to refocus?

Bret: I bet a lot of people read about the brain worm and thought, “Well, that explains it!” But it shouldn’t be a cause for mocking anyone.

Gail: Agreed, no more worm talk today.

Bret: About the debate, it should be … clarifying. Has Trump learned anything from his obnoxious debate performances four years ago? Will he dwell on his bogus claims that the election was stolen? Will he try to broaden his appeal to non-MAGA voters? As for Biden, will he give people confidence that he can go the distance for another four years? Or will he stumble and refer to his close working relationships with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau of Canada or President José López Portillo of Mexico?

Gail: Hey, imagine him bragging about his inspiring meeting in the Vatican with Pope Pius XII.

But seriously, on the domestic front here’s hoping Biden reminds the world that Trump plunged the nation further into debt. It’s always nice when alleged fiscal conservatives have to explain the red ink their tax cuts produced.

Bret: Unfortunately, Biden will probably add even more debt than Trump. And a lower inflation rate can’t disguise the fact that daily life has become much more expensive under Biden than it was under Trump. The safer course for Biden is to remind voters that Trump was the first president in American history to champion the violent obstruction of the peaceful transfer of power. And that there is nothing he won’t lie about. And that another four years of him will tear the country apart.

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