The Teenager Leading the Smartphone Liberation Movement

Hosted by Lulu Garcia-Navarro

Produced by Rhiannon Corby and Anabel Bacon

Edited by Kaari Pitkin and Stephanie Joyce

Engineered by Carole Sabouraud and Isaac Jones

Original music by Isaac Jones, Sonia Herrero, Pat McCusker and Carole Sabouraud

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How many hours do you spend on your phone each day? Probably more than you’d like. In our technology-saturated world, we rely on our devices for what feels like an endless list of daily tasks — everything from staying up-to-date on Twitter to killing time at the post office. The idea of reclaiming any degree of independence from our smartphones can often feel impossible.

For the 17-year-old Logan Lane, the solution was to quit cold turkey. Lane grew up in Brooklyn and was a screen-addicted teenager who spent hours curating her social media presence on Instagram and TikTok. Then, a little over two years ago, Lane started questioning whether living a life of constant connection was actually a good thing and made the decision to ditch her smartphone altogether. She began assembling a “Luddite Club” — a group of teenagers who reject technology and its creeping hold on all our lives.

(A full transcript of the episode will be available midday on the Times website.)

Credit…Scott Rossi for The New York Times

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“First Person” was produced this week by Rhiannon Corby, with help from Anabel Bacon. It was edited by Stephanie Joyce and Kaari Pitkin. Alex Vadukul originally wrote about the Luddite Club for The Times. Mixing by Carole Sabouraud and Isaac Jones. Original music by Isaac Jones, Sonia Herrero, Pat McCusker and Carole Sabouraud. Fact-checking by Mary Marge Locker. The rest of the “First Person” team includes Olivia Natt, Wyatt Orme, Sophia Alvarez Boyd, Derek Arthur and Jillian Weinberger. Special thanks to Kristina Samulewski, Shannon Busta, Allison Benedikt, Annie-Rose Strasser and Kathleen Kingsbury.

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