One Way to End an Engagement? Radical Honesty and Matching Fonts.

When famous people split, fans aren’t always privy to the reason. Most are left to social media sleuthing and questionably sourced rumors to piece the story together. But sometimes, there are couples who choose to come clean.

Transparency may hold greater appeal for influencers, who, unlike certifiable A-listers, have an incentive to live as much of their lives on the feed as possible. But even by the oversharing standards of most content creators, admitting that you cheated is going above and beyond the call of duty.

Anjali Chakra and Sufi Malik, a popular influencer couple, have announced their breakup after more than five years of dating (and a few weeks before getting married) by having one of them admit in an Instagram post on Sunday that she was unfaithful.

In two separate statements that sent shock waves throughout their following, the pair said they were calling off their wedding and moving forward separately.

Who are these people?

Ms. Chakra is an event planner and content creator. Her now-ex partner, Ms. Malik, is a content creator as well. They live in California and met online after following each other’s Tumblr profiles, the pair said in a 2019 “How We Met” YouTube video. They began dating in 2018 and announced their engagement online in 2022.

Their online celebrity was kicked off when images of the couple nuzzling adorably under a rain-spattered umbrella made the rounds on social media in 2019, with many rushing to proclaim them relationship goals. Another set of photos celebrated their first anniversary that same year.

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