‘I Exited the Crowded Theater and Headed for the Curb’


Dear Diary:

Overjoyed at seeing a fantastic play on Broadway, I exited the crowded theater and headed for the curb.

As I stood there waiting for my husband to pick me up, I felt a gentle tug on my sleeve.

I turned to see a small, older woman standing next to me and smiling.

“Are you crossing the street?” she asked. “Will you take me with you?”

“Oh, no,” I said, laughing. “You don’t want me to help you. I am legally blind!”

She replied that she could see but was terribly afraid of falling. If I held onto her as we crossed so she should get her bus, she would watch the traffic for both of us.

I hesitated but agreed, and clinging to each other, we crossed the street successfully.

My husband drove up and was surprised to see me on the other side.

— Linda Cahill

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