How to Make Game

How to Make Game

The question of how to make game is one of the most curious topics. Making a game requires a very comprehensive and interdisciplinary process. The first step is to come up with a game idea. It is important to determine the basic features such as the type of the game, the story, the gameplay mechanics. Try to be original at the idea stage. Identify the key elements of the game by planning the idea in more detail. Characters, world design, gameplay dynamics, and story elements are created at this stage.

Determine how the game will be played, its mechanics and gameplay experience. Consider how players will interact. Determine the visual style of the game. Character designs, world design, backgrounds, objects etc. design graphic elements. Code the game. You can use a game engine or write the code yourself. The mechanics of the game, artificial intelligence, sound effects and more are developed at this stage. You can visit the link to get detailed information about Unity asset.

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