Hackers for China, Russia and Others Used OpenAI Systems, Report Says

Hackers working for nation-states have used OpenAI’s systems in the creation of their cyberattacks, according to research released Wednesday by OpenAI and Microsoft.

The companies believe their research, published on their websites, documents for the first time how hackers with ties to foreign governments are using generative artificial intelligence in their attacks.

But instead of using A.I. to generate exotic attacks, as some in the tech industry feared, the hackers have used it in mundane ways, like drafting emails, translating documents and debugging computer code, the companies said.

“They’rejust using it like everyone else is, to try to be more productive in what they’re doing,” said Tom Burt, who oversees Microsoft’s efforts to track and disrupt major cyberattacks.

(The New York Times has sued OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement of news content related to A.I. systems.)

Microsoft has committed $13 billion to OpenAI, and the tech giant and start-up are close partners. They shared threat information to document how five hacking groups with ties to China, Russia, North Korea and Iran used OpenAI’s technology. The companies did not say which OpenAI technology was used. The start-up said it had shut down their access after learning about the use.

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