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President Biden and his team are hoping to turn this year’s election into a referendum on his predecessor, former President Donald J. Trump.Credit…Kenny Holston/The New York Times

To the Editor:

Re “Biden Gambles on Trump Fear and Star Clout” (front page, Jan. 30):

I was a bit dismayed by your article about Joe Biden’s apparent campaign plan to run on basically just not being Donald Trump. Courting Taylor Swift and other celebrities is fine and all, Joe, but please don’t make yourself simply the lesser of two evils.

You won last time on social justice and the environment, and by really promising to help millions of people struggling to ride out the Covid-19 pandemic, and following through on those promises. You didn’t win on fear. Nobody wins on fear.

Yes, for most of us on the center-left, another Trump presidency sounds truly disastrous, and yes, the forces behind him are even scarier. But what you’re going to do is far more important — and appealing. If Democrats can win the House and retain the Senate, you’re a lame duck who can do whatever you want. Rock it, man.

Tell us what you’ll do to pump the economy full of green-initiative-fueled jobs and investments. Tell us we won’t lose our houses or health care. Tell us you’ll make sure our kids aren’t doomed to demoralization, deforestation and doomscrolling. Tell us that Detroit Joe matters as much as D.C. Joe.

Nobody wins on fear. Hope and change are still winners.

Tom Sturm
Easthampton, Mass.

To the Editor:

Assuming that President Biden’s main opponent will be Donald Trump, the president must not only contrast his positions with Mr. Trump’s, he must also personalize his positions.

It’s not enough to say Mr. Trump seeks to destroy Obamacare while Mr. Biden will strengthen it; he must explain how Obamacare benefits voters: It prevents insurance companies from declining coverage for those with pre-existing conditions that millions of Americans have, like obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

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