The Rice Bowl You Need for Dinner

If you eat meat, or have ever eaten meat, then I probably don’t need to mount an argument for bacon, a food so powerfully appealing that science has sought to explain the reasons why. Bacon is transformative in cooking, elevating other ingredients that share the bun, pan or plate. That, of course, includes eggs, which don’t need bacon’s help to be delicious, but become even more so in a New York-style breakfast sandwich or a bowl of spaghetti carbonara.

Eric Kim brings that pairing to his easy recipe for bacon and egg don, a nontraditional but highly delicious addition to the world of donburi, the Japanese rice bowls whose numbers include katsudon and oyakodon.

Scroll down for that recipe, along with four other dinners for the week. What are you cooking? What do you wish you were cooking? Tell me at [email protected]. You may be featured in a future newsletter (like Richard, one of our readers, below)!

I’m also making:

Sheet-pan cod and scallions with cucumber yogurt, roasted dill salmon and lots of rice.

Credit…Matt Taylor-Gross for The New York Times

1. Bacon and Egg Don

Eric’s eggy new recipe is made even more delicious with a tablespoon of mirin, the Japanese rice wine that is always in my kitchen and should also be in yours, if it isn’t already.

View this recipe.

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